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I have a confession to make: I haven't been running in a while. And by a while, I mean not since November 11's 5K run in Baguio City with Hannah. My training took a back seat to everything in my life that needed fixing, the biggest of which was finally moving in to the condo I'm now sharing with my friend Pauline.

With over two months of absolutely no exercise (even my weekly swimming training had to stop), I packed on a few extra pounds, most of which found their way to my midsection. This really bothers me. Not because of vanity, but because I know the excess weight could (and almost definitely will) slow me down.

Time to run.
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Although I had valid excuses for not training, I couldn't help but feel that I wasted a lot of time. If I wanted to run, I would have, but I let myself lose momentum. So I guess the real problem was that for a while, I didn't want to run. I got preoccupied with other things, and I completely lost track of my running goals.

During this over-extended period of inactivity, I was almost always sick: cough, colds, fever, and various combinations of the three. There was even a time when my blood pressure dropped to a ridiculously low 90/50, which could have landed me in the emergency room.

The only thing I had going was that I managed to reduce my cigarette consumption significantly. Right now, I'm down to under three sticks a week, and I couldn't even finish a stick anymore. I actually didn't try to quit. I was just too sick to smoke, and after a while, I looked for it less and less.
I must (re)start now.
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Since the 2013 Condura Skyway Marathon is just three weeks away, I badly need to re-start my training again. I signed up for the 10K category so the pressure is on! And now that things in my life are beginning to stabilize again, I'm positive that I'll still be able to conquer 21K by the end of the year.


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