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At the time Hannah and I started running, the weather was quite unpredictable. Our preferred training site is UP Diliman, but one time it was raining hard so we opted for the indoor track at Moro Lorenzo Sports Center in Ateneo. I don't mind running in the rain, but it's not advisable if you can't shower immediately after running.

Moro Lorenzo Sports Center
(photo from the internet)
I think I'll always prefer to run outdoors, but if I can't, then Moro Lorenzo is a good alternative. It's elevated and well-ventilated, and it's not humid, so I don't find it difficult to breathe. And since we were there on a rainy evening, the place was actually very cool.
(photo from the internet)
The fee to use the indoor track is only Php35, which is significantly cheaper than medicines for cough and colds you might catch if you run in the rain. There's free parking right outside the gym, although slots are limited.

Danna ran with us, wearing nothing less than a La Salle shirt. Haha! To the uninformed, our schools are basketball rivals. But to be honest, I'm actually one of the people who don't really care about college athletics (I probably just don't have enough school spirit in me).


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