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Adrian Tan gave a commencement speech called “Life and How To Survive It” to a graduating class in the National University of Singapore. My friend Pauline gave me a copy of his speech, and it got me to re-think my life and my priorities. He gave four rules:

1. Do not work.
2. Avoid telling the truth.
3. Be hated.
4. Love someone.

As the title implies, this is about the first rule.

Work kills
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For two and a half years, I worked as a Marketing Communications Officer for a Filipino-Chinese company that has a reputation of working people to the bone. I thought that it was the perfect job for me at that time, even if I had to come in on Saturdays.

However, after my mother passed away last October (2010), everything changed for me. The job ate up so much of my life, and although I liked what I was doing, it became work, and it killed slowly killed me. Now, I want my life back, and I have set out to get it. I started by resigning.
Good advice
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I moved to Plantersbank, where I stayed for a mere few months before I finally got to Selecta. Mind you, I still consider this a 'job.' It's still work, and there are days when I feel overwhelmed. There are times that I explore other possible opportunities. Despite that, I'm still okay here for the most part because I get to write.

Officially, a bit - news features for the newsletter. But unofficially, a lot (so basically, my job is making my passion possible - it's hard to write on an empty stomach). I get to blog. I get to fill the pages of my personal journal. I get to write songs. I get to write poetry. I get to write stories. I can't quite claim that I'm good at writing, but I definitely, definitely love doing it. I have fun writing.

And to be fair to myself, there have been times that I got paid for my passion, too. I've done freelance writing for three different companies already, and I'm happy to note that I got paid pretty well for a beginner. Hopefully, the projects pile in so I won't have to work anymore - I'll just have to keep playing. :)


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