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Being a girl (yes, I am one, thankyouverymuch), I think I am hardwired to like love a heroine. I never quite fell for the helpless Disney princesses, so I only ever really loved Belle (from Beauty and the Beast), Pocahontas, and Mulan. I loved Nancy Drew until I got too old, and then I moved on to Sidney Sheldon's slew of strong, determined, female leads. So when my best friend Joandrea told me about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I got quite curious.

One, two, three.
Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy revolves around the life of a girl named Lisbeth Salander, and while reading, I couldn't help but like her character. I loved her all the more for her flaws and her quirks, because they made her more human. I like the dynamic between her and Mikael Blomkvist, not just as colleagues trying to solve a mystery, but as friends with a very complicated relationship.

All three books were read from Friday night at around 8pm until Sunday afternoon at 5pm. I actually only had The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but when I finished it by Saturday morning, I dragged myself over to Fully Booked in Bonifacio Global City. Lined up at the cashier, I held the next two books with one hand and my Metrobank Classic Mastercard with the other.

(Segue: You get a 5% discount on regular-priced foreign titles when you use your Metrobank Credit Card at Fully Booked!)

It's one of those classic thriller mysteries that keep you at the edge of your seat, and it won't let you rest until you know what happens next. Take it from me - I couldn't put it down that I actually brought it with me while I was in the bathtub. Larsson wove the story in a way that keeps the reader guessing, and the excitement you feel while reading allows you to forgive the small flaws in narration.

Another reason I like this book is because it shows an interesting side of Sweden, one that you won't find in postcards with pretty pictures. Violence against women is a big issue there. And even if the Millennium Trilogy is a work of fiction, this could potentially serve as a wake-up call for those in the position to do something about the situation.


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