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I haven't been going to gigs as of late. It's not that I'm too busy to do so, because I actually do have time. But there's not a lot of people my age who listen to my kind of music, so it's kinda hard to find someone who'd come with me to watch Razorback. Besides, I've lost interest in the local music scene in recent years. It's just not as awesome as it used to be, for me, at least.

The acts that I followed as a college student have disbanded, retired, died, or have moved on to new kinds of music that I don't like. I don't really appreciate the stuff flooding the radio airwaves lately. As with my food, I can be very picky with the things I listen to. And my picky ears have fallen in love with Lee Grane when I first heard her play at Cyrano on a random Monday night.

Lee Grane
If there's a voice that must be heard, or music that people should hear, it's Lee's. I previously wrote about the difference between a good singer and a great one (click here to read the post), and this woman fits the 'great' bill perfectly. I'm crazy about artists who sing from the soul, and she is just that. I've yet to hear anyone sing with more heart or more soul than Lee. Because of that, covers don't sound like covers at all; everything she sings is hers. The very first song I heard her sing is a cover of Sarah McLachlan's Angel, and it was so hauntingly beautiful that I actually liked her version more than the original.

As for her original music, I think it can only be described as ethereal. On one of her gigs at Cyrano, we had a chat before she started her set. She told me that she had written a new song just the night before, and she played it for me (not sure if I could actually talk about it so I won't share the song title here). It gave me goosebumps, and I am incredibly proud that I'm one of the first few people who have heard the song (I think I may have actually been the first, how cool is that?)! She went on to play that song thrice during the gig because people kept asking for it.

After her first gig, I spent the next seven days waiting for the next time I'd get to hear her play.


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