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Before I begin, I should apologize for the title of this post. I don't think Barney's horrible. Well, actually, I do. Dinosaurs are not supposed to be soft and fluffy. And definitely NOT purple. He's like Grimace but significantly less adorable.

On to the music now. I collaborated with a lot of musicians in college, mostly guitarists. My first college 'gig' was actually for my blockmate Kristine Tiu-Laurel's 18th birthday. I sang just one song, Cool with You by Jennifer Love Hewitt. Thinking about it makes me cringe. But what I loved about that gig is that my friend Dylan Pizzaro, a hardcore rock guitarist, actually learned to play that cheesy song to help me out.

Since then I've been some sort of musical nomad. I'm quite lucky, actually; although I didn't have an official band, I had the chance to team up with really talented musicians like Chase Lomibao, jazz guitarist extraordinaire. I also got to sing with my friend Chuck Araneta's band, Passing Hour.

And even if my 'bands' weren't official, I liked naming them anyway. As the vocalist, there are times when I need to say a thing or two that isn't 'sound check' before we start playing music, and having a band name helps. (For the record, I didn't have a name for all collaborations.)

I Hate Barney.
I Hate Barney is basically just me and Cholo Torres, a fellow volunteer for Alay ni Ignacio. We had a lot of events, and because our org didn't have much funding, we had to improvise for the intermission numbers. Cholo plays the guitar, and I sing, and that's it! Five minutes before the first time we played in front of a crowd, I decided to call us I Hate Barney.

It's a silly name, I know, but in my defense, it was very last-minute. The other names were a bit better (I like to think). I sang a lot of Latin jazz with Jeb Favis, and we called ourselves Almost Tom to pay homage to the film Almost Famous, and to the late great Antonio Carlos Jobim (nicknamed Tom Jobim). We had three gigs, I think - two in Ateneo, and one in UP.

And then there was Save the Queen, and we actually got offered a regular playing gig at a club along Libis! Too bad our schedules won't permit us to take it, but the offer was enough for me. There's three of us (Glenn  Francisco and Ven Quizon), and we played some mean jazz/soul. The name is actually a joke on me - I fainted at the POT Reunion Gig, and I was the boss of Familiar, so I was the queen that needed saving.

I could go on forever but I know it can (and will) get boring so I'll just stop. But before I do, I'll share one last name: Samurai Babies. It's supposed to be a Beatles cover band with me on vocals and my friend Migs Marfori on guitars. We never got a gig; Migs graduated and we never saw each other again. Haha! He was never able to explain the band name to me, so don't ask me where it came from.

Maybe when Gersh and I get our first gig, we could call ourselves Karma in Cans. OR NOT. Haha!


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