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I found it hard to believe, but I learned that there is only one KTV (or as we like to call it, videoke) place in Baguio City - The Chairman's! For a place teeming with musical talent, it's odd that they don't have more places like this one. But I guess that's what the other bars are for. Anyway, my friends and I rented one of the rooms for four solid hours of crazy singing!

There can only be one: The Chairman's
Videoke is always a good thing, whether or not you guys can really sing! It's one of what my college friends and I called UBE - ultimate bonding experience! I daresay that our group got even closer after this trip. :) We all went home with our throats hurting like crazy, but the fun was more than worth the pain.
Neo, Ana, Hannah, Luckie, and B-Jan (I'm the photog for this one)
It's Neo's turn to be the photographer
The Belles! 2 of 6
We actually recorded a lot of our so-called performances on video, but we've decided not to upload them all because they're NSFW. Hahaha! Maybe those videos will find their way to the internet when we're about to retire or something. :) In the mean time, however, below are the links to the 'legal' footage:

Neo sings 'Pusong Bato'
Neo sings 'More Than Words'
Luckie and B-Jan rockstars
B-Jan and Isay duet - Cruisin'
Isay sings 'Always'
Luckie sings 'First of Summer'
Isay sings 'Garota de Ipanema'


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