New Year at the heart of Rivendell

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2013 is finally here! I've been fantasizing about the New Year since I got my Moleskine-The Little Prince Daily Planner - my right hand has been itching to write something on its pages. I bought it last October, which is very early for a planner for the following year, but it is a limited edition so I had to play safe by purchasing mine way, way ahead.

Happy New Year from The Moonstruck Society! :)
Anyhow, like Christmas, I originally intended to spend New Year's Eve alone. You see, the apartment I share with Pauline is on the 37th floor of the building, so fireworks are actually at eye level from our balcony. But that didn't happen, because as with Christmas, friends slash life intervened. Last December 27, the day after my birthday bash, I went back to Cyrano to pick something up. I actually wanted to leave early, but then I got to talk to this awesome girl named Patti Malay so I decided to stay a bit longer.
Woot! Thanks Joco! :)
My plans totally went down the drain when Joco arrived and ordered wine for our group to share. Then we all started talking about our plans for New Year's Eve, and since most of us didn't really have solid plans, we agreed to go to Chito's house in Nasugbu, Batangas and welcome 2013 there. Unfortunately, though, it didn't push through. There just wasn't enough time to make arrangements. Maybe next year. :)
I finally get to go to Polo Club and see Polo Club. New Year's Eve was my first non-work visit. :)
In the end, I spent New Year's Eve with Alex in the main field of Manila Polo Club, and it was just absolutely beautiful there! We met up at Cyrano, and when I got there, Peter the Scotsman from Scotsland was already having his Chardonnay fix. He was kind enough to share a glass with me, which I sipped while listening to Pyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky.
Fat Bastard Chardonnay! Thank you, Peter the Scotsman from Scotland! :)
Kristine arrived and had a few drinks, herself. I mentioned that I met her best friend (Alex's sister), Jen, on Christmas Eve, which then prompted her to ask why I wasn't with my family then. I gave her the short version of the story. She said (and I agreed) that I'm very lucky with the friends I have, and that balances everything out.
If we didn't get to eat at Polo Club, this would have been our media noche! Haha!
Before Alex and I went to the Club, we went on a semi-desperate search for food. We left the shop quite late, so almost all shops were closed. We ended up eating hotdogs and franks from Select in Shell Magallanes. From there we also bought snacks for the picnic - Cheetos Twisted Puffs, Mang Juan's Vegetarian Chicharon, and chocolate crinkles.
My best photo of the night. I left my camera at home (of all days! Sniff!), so I had to use my phone.
Sparkling tadpoles in the sky.
I lived in Makati (a.k.a. Rivendell) for years before our family moved to Bulacan, but I never knew there were still vast open spaces in the city. Alex told me that the field is the heart of Rivendell, and I understood. Being there was like being in the center of the universe. We watched the fireworks from all directions as we ate junk food and listened to jazz improv.
Fireworks, good music, junk food, friendship
The field was enveloped in a thick cloud of smoke when the fireworks were over, so we joined his family in the Main Lounge. We were both ridiculously underdressed, so it's a good thing that more than half the guests had already left by the time we walked in. It was then that we had a proper media noche - I helped myself to Paella Valenciana, Baked Salmon, and a generous portion of cochinillo. Oink.
A bad photo of the Main Lounge, from the center of the field.
I posted on my Facebook page that this has to be my most 'upper crust' holiday season to date - Christmas Eve at The Shire, and New Year's Eve at Manila Polo Club. It was quite the fish-out-of-water experience, I must say. But overall, it's been very good to me, and for me, so I'm extremely grateful.


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