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Last November, I went to Baguio with my friends from the office. No trip to Baguio is complete without an ukay-ukay shopping spree, so we went to Skyworld on Session Road.  With three levels of trade space overflowing with pre-loved clothes, shoes, and accessories, the place is the mother of all ukay-ukays.

The third/first floor
Being a big ukay aficionado, it's actually quite ironic that that was my first time to shop there. In my defense, I am based in Manila, and Baguio is a six-hour drive (or five, if my friend Hannah is on the wheel!). I guess I could now call myself an ukay nut - officially!
Walk this way!
Unlike the ukay shops I frequent in Manila, the one in Baguio is definitely more comfortable to shop in. Obviously, the cool weather has a lot to do with it, but on top of that, the place is actually quite spacious by ukay standards. And of course, there are more choices here.
I mentioned before that I tend to get overwhelmed when I go to big ukay stores (especially on the first time), and that's exactly what happened here. With only a couple of hours to look around and buy something, I totally succumbed to the pressure! In the end, I went home with one top, one skirt, and one pair of sandals.
Choices, choices.
STORE INFO: Skyworld is located along Session Road, Baguio City.

P.S. Normally, I don't buy used footwear, but the ones I got were in mint condition! I'll share my finds in future posts.

P.P.S. If you're going to Baguio, make sure you spare at least four hours for ukay-ukay in your itinerary. Take my word for it!


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