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Every time I take a jeepney home, I look around me and I am confronted by the individual faces of every person I share the ride with. Every person has his or her story, and I try to imagine what life is for the people taking the same literal road as I am.

Saan kayo pupunta? (Where are you going?)
(photo from the internet)
I once saw a man seated right behind the driver, with a big box of what appeared to be a dish drainer and a plastic bag of formula milk - and I instantly thought he was on his way home to his new family. Then there’s the nurse in her baby blue scrubs and clean white shoes, on her way home from hospital duty, and I found myself wondering how much blood she saw that day.

There’s the young mother, with her son peacefully sleeping on her lap. They’re behind the front passenger seat, with the mom’s right hand holding on to the railing as her left clutches her child, and a part of me is wondering where her husband might be. And there’s the rebellious teenager, on her way home from a friend’s house, at a rather late hour. Instantly, I thought about where her life would lead, because it was a school night and she wasn’t in a school uniform, and she wasn’t even carrying any books.

Everyone got off one by one, and as they did, they left some sort of imprint in my head. An imprint of draining, tiring, poignant lives that made me ask the question: Is this jeepney taking them to their happiness, or from it? Where are they headed?


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