Death by tray, it shall be

12:00:00 AM

This is originally a skit from British comedian Eddie Izzard. The stand-up act was already funny, but with the Lego touch, it became even more hilarious. I first saw this in Cyrano, actually, with Alex and Nino; they were talking about Star Wars in between sets when the topic of the Death Star Canteen came up. They asked me if I've seen this, and when I said no, Alex located the video on YouTube and put it up on the shop's monitor so I could watch.

I was almost in tears by the end of it - tears of sheer, unadulterated laughter. This skit made me a fan of Eddie Izzard; by the time I got home, I found myself looking for his other skits online. My other favorites include Cake or Death, and Jesus and the Dinosaurs. His humor is potentially offensive if you're a hardcore Christian, but if you don't take it to heart, it's actually quite funny.

Enjoy! :)


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