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In the late afternoon of January 10, 2013, I got a text from my friend Gershwin, asking me if I could attend his wedding to the love of his life, Ava, the following day. We joked that I was going to be his Best Man. Yes, you read that right - Best Man! I may be 100% female biologically, and 100% straight, but to this guy, I'm just one of the boys! Haha!

The Happy Couple :) WOOT!
I was actually set to leave for Baguio that day after work; my office friends and I planned to go there for the weekend as a sendoff for Luckie and Ana, who had resigned from Selecta. But when I got Gershwin's text, I immediately called my boss the coolest boss in the world to ask if I could take a leave to attend the wedding. Luckily for me, he let me take off work, so I called Gershwin to confirm!
Waiting for the judge. :)
(photo from Ava)
Before I left the condo in the morning of January 11, I got a text from Gersh saying that I was the only one attending on his side. His mother, Tita Gigi, was in Australia with one of his sisters, while his father, Tito Ricky, was working in the province so he also couldn't go. His other sister was in the US, his best friend Mathew was in Singapore, and his other best friend Bill just couldn't get off work because of the short notice. So I told him, "I got yo' back, brotha!" and headed off to Pasay City Hall.
Second one from Familiar to get married!
I've actually never attended a civil wedding ceremony before this one, so I had to ask Gershwin what I ought to wear, and he said anything goes so I just wore casual clothing. Ava looked absolutely gorgeous in her bright blue dress. In the Philippines, getting married in a dress that isn't white is considered unconventional, but this lady definitely pulled it off beautifully! And in a crisp blue shirt that matches his wife's dress, Gersh looked quite dapper!   
The first kiss as man and wife. :)
Aside from being the Best Man, I was a witness. I signed the marriage contract as well, which, according to my lawyer friend, Abet, makes me a Ninang! That's funny because Gersh and I are the same age, and I'm obviously not married so I'm not really sure what I can do or say to "guide" them in their married life. And I'm also going to be Ninang to their youngest son, Asher, when he gets christened this year! :)
Best man / witness / NINANG, PARE!
A female judge officiated the ceremony, which was brief and simple. She shared her words of wisdom with the newlyweds, and both listened attentively. She talked about the importance of love and respect for one another, and I remember thinking to myself that these two have that figured out. :) Before the contract was signed, the witnesses were asked to say a few words to the couple. I was totally caught off guard, haha!
I signed
So when it was my turn to say something, I shared that I was there on the night that Gersh and Ava met, and I was there for a large part of their relationship except for a short gap when we had a misunderstanding. They've been through a lot, and those experiences made them the strong partners that they are now. With or without the piece of paper that says they're married, whether or not it's "official" in the eyes of the law and of society, they were already inseparable.
I went on to say that they are different in a lot of ways, but these differences work well for them because they complement each other. They support one another in their respective endeavors, and together, they make a great team. They're incredible parents to their little ones, too. I watched them grow, as a couple, and as individuals, and I'm convinced that they're the right fit for each other. That's why they work. :)
Happiness :)
I actually wore four hats on that day - I was Best Man, Witness, Ninang, and Babysitter! Again, you read that right - babysitter! Their eldest son, Athan, was with me after the ceremony (he's the kid I'm carrying in the photo above) and throughout the reception. He can be quite a handful, but I don't mind because he's so cute and smart! :)

Congratulations, Gersh and Ava! I wish you two a very, very happy married life! :)


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