FTF / Ramen run part 1

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In December 2012, I was at Cyrano practically every night. I'd go to Makati after work, and I'd stay in the shop until the wee hours of morning, just hanging out with Alex and whoever else was there. At the time, I was dealing with some issues regarding family. Simply put, I was reeling from a loss, and Cyrano became my escape pod, so to speak, since staying home was not particularly helpful.

Because I am a pig, I must be fed every couple of hours. Alex and I would usually run over to Mini Stop for fried chicken or Army Navy for burritos. On one evening, though, he was craving for ramen after he made me watch the first ten minutes of the Japanese film Tampopo (Dandelion), which featured a young Ken Watanabe learning the proper way to enjoy ramen from an old man.

Ramen run!
We went to Urameshi-ya in Little Tokyo first, but the place was closed for the staff Christmas party, so we went to Izakaya Nihonbashi Tei, instead. It's a restaurant located along Arnaiz Ave. (formerly Pasay Road) in Makati that serves all sorts of Japanese food - sushi, ramen, salad - and even steak. Since it was my first time there, I had no idea what was good, so I asked Alex to help me pick something from the menu.
I don't really get it... :(
I told him I don't eat sushi, and I don't like complicated food, so he ordered syo-uyu ramen for both of us. While waiting for our order, we were given cold towels to freshen up with. That reminded me so much of Takayama, a Japanese restaurant that my mom and I used to go to when I was much, much younger. Anyhow, it took them a while to serve our ramen, so I had time to walk around and take photos.
Just like Yabu!
Large sake bottles were on display, just like in Yabu! And the first thing you'll see when you walk in is a display shelf of different Japanese alcoholic beverages. I wasn't really keen on trying anything since I already had my alcohol fix for the evening - a glass of Solea Merlot 2011 at the shop. But it was nice to look at because it's very organized, and Isawisay the OC person very much appreciated the order.
Half an order - we had one order split to two bowls
After 15 minutes, our ramen was served. I really liked it. The broth was rich but not overwhelming. The noodles were soft but not soggy. And the pork slices were tender and tasty. A real foodie (I'm a fake one, haha!) would probably not find the food here outstanding, but for its reasonable prices, it's not bad at all. The place is open until very late, so it's ideal comfort food for the tipsy person, too!


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