FTF / Ramen run part 2

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One random Saturday, after our meeting with Peter the Scotsman from Scotland for a possible poverty alleviation project, my friend Alex and I drove over to Little Tokyo so I can finally try Urameshi-ya. At the time, I was actually feeling quite sick because the weather was too cold for me (I thrive in the summer, you see), so we had a pretty good excuse to go on another ramen run.

The bridge to another country!
If I didn't know any better, I'd think I were in Japan. 
Urameshi-ya is a small restaurant inside Little Tokyo, a Japanese compound in Makati City. Since Christmas in the Philippines starts way early (September) and ends rather late (January), the place was still adorned with pretty lights at the time that we went. Anyhow, there were several other restaurants in the compound, but Alex swears by Urameshi-ya's ramen, so that's where we went. 
This is it!
The restaurant is small and cozy, and they used traditional Japanese accents to dress up the place. I've never been to Japan, but I've watched enough television shows to know the difference between an authentic Japanese place and one that is infused with Western influences. Urameshi-ya, along with the other establishments within Little Tokyo, really made me feel as if I'm in Japan. For starters, the menu was in Japanese (with bad English subtitles, haha!), and a lot of the other patrons were also Japanese.
I couldn't really read anything.
In terms of service, I have to say that Urameshi-ya was a bit disappointing, especially if you compare it with the likes of Yabu. Since there's no service charge, I don't think I could really complain.It's not a high-end place anyway. People just go there for the food and not the experience. And the food here is quite cheap, too, so I just let the things that would have otherwise irked me slide.
Laurel and Hardy, Japanese version
Although I've been to a lot of Japanese restaurants, I've actually never tried hiyayakko (Japanese silken tofu). The one in Urameshi-ya is identical to the one in Yabu, and although I've had one too many chances to try it out, I never really had the guts to do so. I'm an adventurous person, a daredevil, even, but when it comes to food, I am a big chicken. Maybe it was the flu. Or perhaps the realization that if I were going to write about our meal in this blog, I don't want to say I skipped a dish because I was scared.
Hiyayakko with Bonito Flakes
So I gave it a shot, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. The tofu had the consistency of pana cotta, and it practically melted in my mouth. The sauce was just right (I don't know what it's called and I forgot to ask, but it was semi-sweet, and I tasted hints of ginger). And the stark contrast against the bonito flakes was divine! (I'm definitely going to try the one in Yabu the next time I'm there.)
Ramen run
The tofu was great, but the ramen was amazing. I like  Nihonbashi Tei's, but I love Urameshi-ya's! The broth was really flavorful, and I enjoyed every sip. The noodles were cooked just right. The only let-down is that they served it to us without the pork slices, and when I pointed it out, they said it was out of stock. In its place, they gave us pork slices, which were actually intended for another dish. It still worked quite well, though, so it was still a great meal.


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