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Writers will understand. When you're finally inspired to write, when the block has finally been removed, you can easily pull an all-nighter without realizing it. At the slightest hint of drowsiness, you reach for a nice cup of hot coffee with French Vanilla creamer, and your writing goes on without a glitch. And after two (or sometimes three) days of caffeine-induced wakefulness, you crash.

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Bookworms will understand. When you're in the middle of a ridiculously enthralling book, there's really no easy way to put it down. Not for food, not for a bathroom break, and especially not for sleep. You promise yourself that you'll stop at the end of the chapter, knowing well that you won't be able to keep that promise because you simply have to know what happens to the heroine.
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Being both a writer and a bookworm, lack of sleep is one of the top enemies of my physical health. I would readily lose an hour or two of precious sleep if it means I get to finish one more blog post or one more chapter. I'm a corporate slave by day, so I only have the night-time to write and read. On top of that, I still have to deal with everyday chores and errands, plus I have to be able to sneak in at least an hour for running.
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And let me tell you - running isn't easy when you haven't had enough rest. A little over a week ago, I almost fainted while running in Eastwood. I had a really long day - woke up early, went to work, attended a baby shower, picked up a few groceries, and then I ran - and I only had three hours sleep the night before because I ran 3 miles and I had a nice glass of Santa Luz Cabernet Sauvignon 2011. After a mere 1.6 miles, I had to stop the workout already because I was starting to feel disoriented.
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Lack of sleep is one of the reasons why my blood pressure is almost always low, why I get really bad breakouts, and why I easily get sick (even if I exercise and eat healthy). Getting enough sleep every night is not the same as hibernating on weekends, so don't think for a second that you can compensate for not sleeping through the week by oversleeping on Saturday.

My friend and fellow runner Jerry told me (repeatedly) that I need to have at least six hours of sleep every night. When I told him that I have a hard time putting pens or books down, he simply said I have to be disciplined - I have to know when to stop reading and writing, to start sleeping. He recommended that I don't drink coffee beyond 10am. Caffeine stays in your body for 12 solid hours, which could lead to little or no sleep at all. He also recommended eating a very light dinner.

Last year, I ran the Condura Skyway Marathon with zero sleep, and although I did quite okay, I knew better than to push my luck, especially since I signed up for 10K (against 2012's 5K). So to make sure I had enough sleep for this year's race, I actually checked in at Crimson Hotel the night before. And with ample rest, I survived the run - but more on that in another post. Time to hit the sack! Good night!


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