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Moving to Eastwood City has a lot of perks. It's about ten minutes away from my office, so it's not stressful going to work in the morning. It's near Ortigas, Bonifacio Global City, and even Makati. There's Robinson's Supermarket, True Value, Japan Home Center, Fully Booked, and Galileo Enoteca + Deli within the development, so everything I need (food, groceries, home supplies) and want (books, wine) are a five-minute walk from my building.

Eastwood. The price of convenience is the lack of space.
(photo from the internet)
There is, however, one let-down: Eastwood is cramped. It's a small patch of land that the developers maximized to the last inch, so there's very little moving space. This is my only complaint: it's so hard to run in Eastwood. I tried running there to prepare for the 2013 Condura Skyway Marathon, but I couldn't finish a decent 30-minute workout because my ankles and knees start to hurt like crazy by my halfway point.
Eastwood. Notice how narrow the sidewalks are.
(photo from the internet)
Running in Eastwood is like running through an obstacle course of sorts; you spend as much time running as avoiding people, vehicles, and trees. The sidewalks are narrow, and a lot of them are inclined. Even with awesome music playing on my iPod, I just couldn't enjoy running in this place. So I guess I'll just stick to the treadmill when I'm too lazy to go to Makati, Bonifacio Global City, or University of the Philippines-Diliman.


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