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When I wrote about joining the Condura Skyway Marathon in 2012, I titled the post I Am the Skyway, after the Audioslave song. I've decided to keep up the bad wordplay for another year, in honor of one of the greatest rock bands of all time, Deep Purple. And the funny thing is, Highway Star was actually the song playing on my iPod when I crossed the finish line this year. Awesome, eh?

I'm not ready.
The Running Belles, plus Tarin :)
(photo taken by Oliver Pobre)
I've mentioned before that The Running Belles became a group in the 2012 CSM, but at that time, we were actually missing one person, and that's Hannah. So the 2013 leg is quite special for all of us, because this is the first and only running event so far where all six of us ran together, and we were joined by our other office friends, too - Tarin, Oliver, and Justine.
Me taking a picture of Shaine taking a picture. What? :D
We all signed up for the 10K category, which is double what we ran last year! I was really worried about this run because just like last year, I was not prepared for the distance. I trained vigorously from March to October 2012, and I even managed to squeeze in a 5K run in Baguio in November. But for over two months, I stopped training completely because I was preoccupied with the things that had to be done for the new apartment. And I was drinking quite a lot, too.

So I guess there must have been some sort of divine power in play here, because I actually survived the race. And I didn't just survive; I clocked in at a decent 1'17", which is not remarkable but still significantly better than what I expected. I wasn't running from a heartbreak this time. I wasn't trying to get away from anything. I was running to get to the finish line, because conquering 10K was in my Pre-27 Bucket List. And with great pleasure, I crossed one item off.
The calm before the storm
View from the 14th floor. Not too shabby! :)
Selecta is a major sponsor of the marathon; we gave a truckload of ice cream to the runners! Since I had to supervise the ingress and egress for our booths, I checked in at Crimson Hotel the night before the race. Crimson Hotel is a nice new hotel in Filinvest City, Alabang, and they offered a really good rate for the event sponsors. On a whim, I decided to book a room for myself and a friend who was also running the marathon.
I could get used to this! :)
So, where's the bacon?
After the race, I totally pigged out at the breakfast buffet. Naturally, I went straight to where the bacon was, and I helped myself to an ultra-generous serving. I also had eggs, rice, vegetables, waffles, coffee, juice, etc. And when I was stuffed silly, I went up to the room and took a nice hot shower to relieve my tired muscles. But the awesomeness did not stop there.
Thank you, my dearest Belles! :)
The Belles surprised me with a belated birthday present - they got me a guitar stand for my bass! They gave it to me after the race, when we were at the hotel lobby. I was so happy! I made a mental note to celebrate with a glass or two of wine when I get home, but I had about three glasses before I even got back to Eastwood! Please don't judge me - I just had to celebrate! :)


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