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When I put together my Christmas wishlist last year, one of the things I put there was a Kindle. I think that by now it's painfully obvious that I am a bookworm, so that was a gadget I would totally invest in. It's not expensive, anyway, so at that time, I was really serious about buying one. I was ready to key in my credit card information in an online store. But at the last minute, I changed my mind.

So close, but.
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Not all of us live in big homes, so of course, space is an issue. I have to limit my book shopping because I value my living space. I'm sure it would be awesome to have 3,500 books at your fingertips, but really, who needs that many? If you're an average person who works/goes to school, then chances are you won't have the time to read everything. A Kindle will only bring out the (electronic) hoarder in me.

I usually read in bed, so I almost always fall asleep with a book in my hand. On most mornings, I would find the same book on my bedroom floor. I just pick it up, locate the page where I stopped and mark it, get on with the rest of the day, and then read again in the evening. The same book will be brought to the beach, where it will get exposed to elements like sand, salt water, and sun. If that book were a Kindle, I'm not sure if it will survive the abuse.

There are two gadgets that rule my life right now: my mobile phone and my laptop. Both are work tools, so seeing those things always remind me of the office. So a book is my break. I feel/fear that if my book becomes another gadget, it might lose its appeal to me. I love books; I love the smell and the feel of the paper, and I love writing little notes on the pages.

For the record, I'm not against e-books. I actually read several titles on my computer screen already, and I'm afraid of the damage that will do to my eyes in the long run. My eyesight is bad enough as it is, so I'm really worried that reading off a screen might make it worse. People tell me that a Kindle is different, but it might take a while for me to shake off the fear of permanently ruining my vision.

I'm not closing my doors, though. I may or may not reconsider. But I'll think about this again when I'm done with the latest batch of books from my last shopping frenzy - I still have 12 titles lined up. 


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