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One of the reasons I got started with jazz and bossa nova is because of the limitations of my voice; my college friends suggested that I study those two genres because of my low-key, semi-husky voice. I don't mind singing what I sing. I think it takes a certain wisdom to properly interpret the songs I cover, and I take great pride in being able to make certain songs my own.

I never really had any formal singing lessons, so I'm not particularly knowledgeable in terms of technique. I sing from the heart, and that makes a difference. But it also pays to have technique, because you get to experiment with more songs. Although I studied a bit of jazz, my lack of formal training keeps me from sinking my teeth on some really awesome songs. Below are my dream jazz and bossa nova covers:

1. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Amy Winehouse)
2. Valerie (Amy Winehouse)
RIP Amy Winehouse
(photo from the internet)
3. I Know That You Know (Esperanza Spalding)
Esperanza Spalding
(photo from the internet)
4. Aguas de Marco (Elis Regina and Tom Jobim)
Elis Regina
(photo from the internet)
5. At Last (Etta James)
Etta James
(photo from the internet)
At the moment, I'm considering enrolling in voice lessons; I don't think it's too late for that. Maybe I could put that item on my Pre-28 Bucket List! And with the right guitarist, I should be able to perform those five songs for a big crowd! (One can dream. Leave me be. Haha!)

But I am as much a rock music fan as I am a jazz and bossa nova aficionado, and there are days when I really wish I could be the lead singer of a rock act. Sometimes, in the bathroom, I grab the shower and use it as a microphone, and I pretend like I'm some rockstar singing in front of thousands of people (although I think I really look like I'm having a seizure). Below are my dream rock covers:

1. Sunshower (Chris Cornell)
Chris Cornell
(photo from the internet)
2. Furry Wall (Russell Brand as Aldous Snow)
Russell Brand as Aldous Snow, from the film Get Him to the Greek
(photo from the internet)
3. I Remember You (Skid Row)
Skid Row
(photo from the internet)
4. Green-Tinted Sixties Mind (Mr. Big)
Mr. Big
(photo from the internet)
5. Gotta Have Rock and Roll (Heartless Bastards)
Heartless Bastards
(photo from the internet)
I know that I'll never really be able to sing any of the rock songs (even with voice lessons), so I'm going to make a different promise. I will 'cover' these songs on the bass guitar. One of the items on my Pre-27 Bucket List is to re-learn to play bass, and I'm going to include these songs in my repertoire. Green-Tinted Sixties Mind will be a challenge - Billy Sheehan is a bass god!

This post is aptly titled 'covers of my dreams.' I hope that in a year or two, I'd be able to re-publish this list under the title 'my current repertoire - covers.' Haha! 


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