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If you've been following this blog, then you would know that I truly grew into my musical self in college. I got to experiment with various genres with the help of various collaborators. I got exposed to music I wouldn't have found on my own with the help of friends, and friends of friends I get introduced to. One of the people I met at the time is Dawn. And he is, to put things mildly, a musical prodigy.

The Dawn. Hehe
(photo from the internet)
This guy plays all the instruments of the band, and he's great at everything. I got to perform with him once; I sang Garota de Ipanema with his band, Tangerine Sky, in an event for UST Architecture students in Club O near ABS-CBN. He played bass that evening because their regular bassist, Mathew (who also played for Familiar) couldn't make it. For Manaha, he played the drums, and for his Japanese rock band (can't really remember the name, sorry!), he's the lead guitarist. 

Dawn helped Gershwin arrange a lot of his compositions, including his PhilPop entry, Palaisipan. And when the three of us have jam sessions, he never fails to amaze me with his guitar prowess. He really has this way of making bad songs quite good, and good songs even better. It's really incredibly unfair how talented this guy is. 

But it doesn't stop there - Dawn writes songs, and really good ones, at that. If you don't believe me, check out his Soundcloud account. For me, his best composition is Paglakad. When I first heard it, I literally wanted to cry because it was so beautiful. I don't want to get married, but if I ever do, then this is the song that I would like playing in the background when I have that first dance with my husband. 


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