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Late last year, I went out on a Friday night with a couple of friends from the office, Danna and Janel. We had dinner at Ma Maison and we watched Looper. Anyway, I wore the shirt pictured below with a pair of white shorts and brown Oxford flats. I completed the look with pearl earrings, a slim gold and platinum watch, and a camel shoulder bag.

Upper crust
When my friends saw me, they joked that I looked like an AB housewife, and I remember laughing my head off with the comment. I never imagined myself as a housewife, let alone an AB housewife, and yet I was told that I could totally pass as one in this shirt. Because of that comment, I actually wore the exact same outfit on New Year's Eve in Manila Polo Club. Haha!

It's hilarious, and quite ironic that this top is my AB housewife shirt, since I got this for Php50 in an ukay-ukay shop in Marikina (click here for the post with the store information). To be fair to the shirt, though, it is an original Ralph Lauren; it's only cheap because I got it 'pre-loved' (much nicer to say than 'second-hand', right?). It's made of 100% cotton so it's very light and comfortable. And since it's quite loose, I didn't have to worry about eating too much - it does a great job hiding my tummy.


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