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Confession: I actually have not gone ukay-ukay shopping in over three months. The last was in Skyworld in Baguio City, way back November 2012. I've been quite busy lately; I moved to Eastwood, plus I have side projects on top of work, so my ukay habit had to take a backseat. Good thing I still enough clothing pieces from my past shopping experiences to last me for about four more months! Haha!

This is one of those pieces. I've had this for about two years, actually. I bought this from the Guadalupe ukay-ukay where I got my Cornetto LBD, among other things (click here for the post with the store information). And at Php10, this piece is definitely a steal! It's not obvious in the photo, but this is a see-through blouse.

So for work, I have to wear this with a plain black or white camisole. And it also works as a nice swimsuit cover-up for my beach trips! Which reminds me - I need to start making plans for Baler! :)


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