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A few weeks ago, I wrote about the Katipunan ukay-ukay, and farther back, I wrote about Baguio. For the longest time, I've been writing about my cheap finds from the shops in the Guadalupe area, so I figured I should lead you to those stores for your own shopping pleasure! I have four go-to stores in that area.
This is heaven.
(photo from the internet)
The first one is my personal favorite because it's where I got the Cornetto LBD. Although the store is small (I'm guessing a mere 20sqm), it's quite the treasure chest for pre-loved clothing. Aside from the Cornetto LBD, I got six turtleneck tops and a casual black and white floral dress from this shop. I've never had to pay more than Php100 for any single item here.
The circle marks the spot.
(image from Google Maps)
I hope you find it.
(photo from Google Maps)
The area is quite busy, so it's best to just commute to get here. To get to the shop, just take the MRT (EDSA) and get off at Guadalupe Station. From there, walk towards McDonald's and take a left, then turn right at the first corner. Keep walking and then turn left when you see Andok's/Dokito Frito. It's a small shop right beside a big parlor, across LBC.

Happy shopping! :)


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