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Back in college, I wrote a story called Smitten. It's loosely based on one day of my old life, with some parts imagined, of course. My baby brother from another mother, Kim, read the story, and he wanted to make a short film out of it. He's a cameraman at TV5, and he wants to become a director someday, so he's building his portfolio with 'for the love' projects.

So I wrote the first script, and then I realized that I could still play with the story. So I added more details, and then it hit me. The story could be told from three vantage points. The original story is a perspective piece. I had three main characters, but only one is narrating. With a little tweaking of the script and the camera angles, we could actually pull off the multi-narrator gig!

Thank you RC! :)
And so we did. We shot the whole thing in Slam N' Dine in Malolos, Bulacan. Having majored in Communication, this isn't my first time to go on a shoot. It is, however, my first time to do a full-on film production that isn't for school. Heck, it isn't even for work. This project is purely for the love. Art for art's sake, as they say.
Bernard and Kim
It's also the first time I got to work with a professional director. James Robin Mayo is a young but already accomplished director, and he helped us on the second day of our shoot. He directed the music video of Barbie Almalbis-Honasan's single, Always You. What an honor!
The cast, with Kim and Direk James
On the first shoot day, Kim's friend and colleague Bernard Tardecilla also helped us out. Like Kim and James, he works in TV5, and I have to say that even if he would initially strike you as a lightweight because he's funny, this guy really knows what he's doing behind the camera.
Nemuel and Nikka as King and Andie. 
We were lucky enough to have found a cast who, despite not getting paid, really devoted time and effort to study the script. They checked their egos at the door and came in ready to work. And the best part about it is that they fit the roles perfectly. Nemuel, Nikka, and Dion were just wonderful, as were Dan and Liu.
Doing makeup like a boss! :) Thank you, Glaiza! :)
Another person I'm extremely grateful to is Kim's lovely girlfriend, Glaiza. She's a professional makeup artist, and she really knows what she's doing! (If you need her to do your makeup, leave a comment with your contact information!) Being the awesome and supportive girlfriend that she is, she agreed to do the hair and makeup of our actors and actress.
At the moment, we're in post-production already. Editing will be really heavy since there's just so much footage plus voice overs, but we'll definitely get it done soon enough. As early as now, actually, Kim and I are laying the groundwork for another digital short, under our new production suit, Looking-Glass Films. I got the name from Lewis Carroll's book, Through the Looking-Glass.
Looking-Glass Films
Seeing something I've been imagining for close to a decade now come to life right before my eyes is an incredible experience. I almost gave up on this dream, but the universe had other plans. To the wonderful team that made it happen (plus Glaiza's father, who spoiled us with good food and great liquor), thank you! I will forever be grateful to you guys! :)

P.S. We'll share the film on YouTube, and hopefully we'll get good reviews for our debut effort!


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