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A few weeks ago, I went on a picnic in the main field of the Manila Polo Club with my friends Alex, Lanie, and Vida. Before going there, we passed by San Antonio Plaza to buy food and wine. We bought a bottle of Farnese Montepulciano D'Abrazzo 1.5L from Santi's Delicatessen, plus some sandwiches from the deli in Rustan's Supermarket.

"There's nothing better than good food, good wine, and a bad girl." WOW
Not a lot of options since it's late, but they're all good ones. Rustan's Deli rocks! :)
Anyhow, the primary reason we had that picnic is to watch the full moon. There's really no other place in Makati City where the skyline is not blocked by buildings. I spent New Year's Eve here, as well, and although the fireworks were great, the moon was even better. It's a shame that I only had my phone when we went, so the pictures I took were rather unsatisfactory. The three below were the best ones I have.
It was an evening full of funny stories, good food and wine, and great music. And some martial arts on the side, haha! The moon beamed on us in all its glory, and it was really beautiful to look at. Matched with the crisp, cold air, looking at this heavenly body calmed my soul. The lines of Moon Song, the poem I wrote when I was a kid, just seemed to keep flashing in my head. 
We wish you were with us, AD! :)
Our fellow Cyrano friend, AD, joined us via Facetime. We could see her, but I bet she couldn't really see our faces because it was too dark. After the picnic, I bought her a wine glass so she could join us next time, even if she's based abroad. Vida brought it when she visited her. I do hope she could be physically with us on the next picnic! :)

The picnic ended at around 11pm, after which I went straight home and had another glass of wine. Well, two. And some of my one-year-old Reypenaer cheese. Life is good.


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