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A few weeks back, I crossed out one of the items in my Pre-27 Bucket List. I collaborated with my baby brother from another mother, Kim Capiral, to create a film version of Smitten, a story I wrote in college. We shot the whole thing in Slam N Dine in Malolos City, Bulacan.

I love this place!
Kim is friends with the owner, so he let us shoot there two Sundays in a row! It's a really nice place that gives the same vibe as Hayahay in Dumaguete (sans the beach, of course). The environment is so relaxed that it's impossible to not have a great time there. It's a great addition to the place I grew up in! If they had this when I was starting college, I may have thought twice about studying in the city.
And here we are. :)
I immediately ordered a beer when we got to the restaurant! Call me crazy, but beer tasted so much better in Slam N Dine! Again, it reminded me of how the beer tasted in Hayahay. I know that the beer in Slam N Dine comes from the same brewery as all San Miguel Lemon-Flavored beer sold everywhere else, but I find that my surroundings add a little something extra to my drink.
That bureau!
Another thing I love about Slam N Dine is the old wood decor. When you walk in, you are welcomed by a drawer chest that I mistook for an antique. There's also a carved wooden mural on the other side that depicts our race's conversion to Christianity during the Spanish occupation. I know it's a bit weird, but details like that make me giddy.
Reminds me of my mother's hometown, Paete, Laguna
They serve good Filipino food and awesome beer at reasonable prices, which was absolutely wonderful since I paid for the cast and crew's food and beverage needs during the shoot. I've only tried a few items on the menu because we were preoccupied with the film, though.
Since moving to Eastwood, I've come to appreciate space more than ever. Which is another reason why I love Slam N Dine; it's the opposite of cramped. You can actually move about here without the risk of hitting someone or something when you do. It has that distinct provincial feel that I absolutely love, and I really would like to visit again one of these days!


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