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Last week, I talked about how meditation relaxes me a thousand times more than a good massage, and I realize now that I may have lied. So allow me to rephrase: meditation relaxes me just as much as a good massage does. When I was much, much younger, my mother would spend on pampering me and my brother with a nice massage at least once a month.

And when I started working, I would set aside a portion of my meager income to treat myself to some rest and relaxation, and massages were my favorite indulgence. At the start of my career, I wasn't really earning that much, so they were pretty expensive for me back then. But what not a lot of people realize is that there's more to massage than relaxation.
Back in college, when I was still in the swimming team, our coach would give the team soothing massages after particularly strenuous workouts. Professional athletes get more massages than most people because they need it to stay in shape. It helps muscles recuperate from stressful activity, which in the long run, can help prevent sports-related injuries.

When I got injured while playing basketball - I twisted my ankle pretty badly - it took only three sessions of reflexology to get me to walk normally again. After two more, I was back in the court, although I definitely learned to be more cautious. People in therapy, particularly those recovering from stroke, have massages as part of their program because it does wonders for recovery.

I shared before that when I first signed up at Fitness First, I took a physical fitness test that I flunked all aspects except one - flexibility. I would attribute that to regular massages, because it helps improve one's range of motion. My former trainer Daryll actually gives great post-workout massages, and I love him for that! One time, I almost fell asleep on my yoga mat because the guy has magic hands! Truth be told, the massages are my favorite part about going to the gym. Haha!

Aside from the obvious benefits that I mentioned above, massages can also enhance blood circulation, which in turn could also give your immune system a boost. It can give you more energy during the day, and it can also help you sleep better at night. And since a good massage is very relaxing, it's actually a good way to reduce fatigue, decrease anxiety and improve concentration.

So the next time you're thinking about getting a massage, stop thinking and just get one. You deserve it!


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