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I'm the type who would read a book before watching the film adaptation, but since I can only read so much, there have been times when I had to do things the other way around. I watched the movie The Hunger Games before I read the novel. Actually, I read all three novels in one weekend last year. It was my third trilogy in 2012, the first two being The Millennium Trilogy and the Fifty Shades Trilogy.

I actually liked the movie more than I liked the book, as I did with The Bridges of Madison County. I found the prose a bit trite, and it really didn't stir my imagination much. Good thing I just read the PDF; I'd definitely feel bad if I had to pay for them. Perhaps I'm a bit too old; the novels were, after all, written for a younger demographic. In Fully Booked, the trilogy is in the shelf for young adult literature.

One weekend
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But it was still an exciting page-turner, and like the other two trilogies I read last year, I finished it in one weekend. The story seemed familiar, and it took me a while to realize that the story was a lot like Battle Royale, a film that I saw back in college. I loved that movie. Two of my closest friends joked that the three of us should re-create it with Ateneo as our battleground. I had to remind them that I was an excellent shot so they'd drop the idea.

Back to the trilogy, the resemblance of the plot to Battle Royale sparked a lot of controversy online. Collins was accused of plagiarism. I know that as a writer, I should be a bit more concerned about this, but to be honest, I couldn't care less. Even if Collins did get the idea from the Japanese movie, I personally think that her modifications are enough to be considered original.


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