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I'm a fan of White Collar (guilty pleasure), so I follow the blog of Marsha Thomason, who plays Diana Berrigan in the series. She's a fashion blogger, for the most part, but sometimes she also writes about music and art. In one of her posts, she raved about Frank Ocean's second album, Channel Orange.

After reading that entry, I scoured the internet for free listening links, and I was positively surprised at how much I liked Frank Ocean. I listen mostly to rock, so this is very different from the music I'm used to hearing. It's R&B, but it's not the usual sort.

Orange is a nice color. :)
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No self-respecting R&B lover would miss this masterpiece of an album. If you listen closely enough, you'll hear influences of old jazz in the heavily-syncopated beats. There is depth in his music, and that tells you he must have had his fair share of painful experiences.
Beyond the average.
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He's not your average performer; Frank Ocean actually writes his own songs, and he even writes for other artists. And in an industry quite known for homophobia, he definitely stood out when he admitted that he had unrequited feelings for another young man when he was only 19 years old.

My absolute favorite track is Super Rich Kids, followed by Fertilizer, and White (featuring John Mayer). It's not running music, but it's nice to listen to the album when I'm picking up groceries. I also don't mind it in the background when I'm having a nice glass of wine at home.


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