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I don't really listen to country music, except of course, for The Eagles. But if there's one thing that I like about country singers, it's their control of their vocal faculties. Carrie Underwood covered Skid Row's I Remember You in one of her concerts, and it was absolutely divine. If she wanted to, I think she could easily cross over to rock.

And speaking of crossing over, a beautiful country artist named Shelby Lynne. In 2008, she released Just A Little Lovin', a tribute album to British musician Dusty Springfield. One of the songs she covered was I Only Wanna Be With You. My friend Alex made me listen to it when we were thinking of songs that I could sing if and when I do get to sing in Cyrano, and I instantly fell in love with her.

Shelby Lynne
There's something about her voice that immediately appealed to me, and that something is pain. Please forgive my obsession with that emotion/sensation. I know I've written quite a lot on the correlation between pain and great music already. But for some reason, I'm able to hear it in voices, even when I'm not high, haha! I Googled her, and I learned that she went through a really traumatic youth - she saw her father kill her mother, and then himself. I can somewhat relate to that.

Alex gave me a copy of the tribute album, and I loved every single track. The Look of Love is one overly-used jazz track, but she breathed new life into it.  It's always easy to sing someone else's song, but she made it her own, and I respect that. And if we factor in that she's a country singer and not a jazz siren, it just blows my mind all over again.

Her voice has an incredibly soothing quality. That's something I value more than power or technique, which are things you can learn. Your voice is something you're born with, and Shelby Lynne is definitely luckier than most.


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