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When I told my office mate Karen that I was thinking about getting a tattoo, she told me to be careful because it could get quite addictive. I sort of understood what she meant; I've seen people attempt to cover every square inch of their skin with ink. And given my propensity to get obsessed with things, it's very possible that I would want another.

Which is exactly what's happening. Right now, I'm thinking about getting another tattoo.

Soon, Mother.
Eli is my mother's childhood nickname (her full name is Elisa). I thought about this one random afternoon at home. I saw a picture of her in a plaid top while I was re-arranging my personal stuff. She died of cancer in October 2010, and I've missed her every day since. I guess I just want something that will always remind me of her, that will make her a part of me permanently.

My first tattoo is the word eudaimonia, and I had it done on my left arm. This new one will be on my right wrist. As a writer, I express myself with words, hence the choice of tattoo designs. I'm not going to go full Kat Von D with an image of my mother on my ribs or something like that. To me, words are just as powerful as images, so they're enough.

I'm right-handed, and to this day, I still write a lot of things the old-fashioned way. It would be nice to see that name every time I write something, since she's one of the reasons I became a writer. She had a huge collection of books, and seeing her read herself to sleep every night when I was younger influenced me greatly. I started reading at a very early age, which then got me into writing.

The funny thing is that if she were alive right now, she wouldn't have allowed me to get inked in the first place. Wherever she may be right now, I have a feeling she still wouldn't approve of this. But since she is my mother, I'm certain she knows how stubborn I can be when I want something.

P.S. I do hope this will be the last tattoo I'll get.


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