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Last November, my stepmother kicked me out of our house in the middle of the night, and all my father did was help me pack my bags. I know that sounds like something that happens only in cheesy soap operas. It took a few days for the whole thing to sink in, during which time I stayed with my aunt in Malabon. Good thing I was raised by my mother, who hardwired me to take on anything, so I landed on my feet.

For a month I stayed in a boarding house near my office in Selecta, which meant leaving most of my stuff in Malabon, including my books. During that time, my friend, roommate, and partner in crime Pauline was already working on getting us a condo unit in Eastwood City. She got us a good deal on a one-bedroom unit. She fixed it up rather nicely, and on a shoestring budget, no less! It definitely helps that she's an incredible architect and contractor. :)

Come right in! :)
(photo taken by Charito Tan)
How cute is our dining set? :)
When you enter the unit, the dining area will welcome you in. The dining set has been with Pauline's family for years and years, and for our place, she had it repainted to match the door. It's a nice contrast against the dark, blue-gray wall. I do two of my favorite things on this table - eating, and writing. Since we moved, I've hosted one dinner and two wine nights already, and I know in the future, there will be more.
Small kitchen, but it will do. :)
Our kitchen's quite small, but I don't mind. It actually makes it easier for me to cook because everything is literally within my reach. Pauline and I have discussed getting a bigger refrigerator, because the small one is sometimes not enough to hold our food and wine. I'm anticipating a lot of ice cream giveaways from the office this year, so we need to be prepared!
Before we moved in, I told Pauline that I was already planning on re-learning to play bass again. I sold my old guitar to help pay for my mother's chemotherapy, and I never really got to buy another. This one was loaned to me by my cousin Ruther, and the stand is a gift from The Running Belles! Now I'm looking for a really small pre-loved bass amplifier, but while I'm still scouring the internet for that, I regularly do fretboard exercises in an effort to get my groove back.
It's quite comfy, I must say! :)
Pauline bought us our couch. It's a nice dark brown two-seater, and if you're of average height and built, you can actually sleep in it comfortably.  I would know because I actually slept here when I got the stomach flu. I thought it was the regular flu, and I didn't want my roommate to catch the virus. Anyhow, the matching red-orange wooden tables matches our curtains, which we got cheap from Shopwise!
Our uber nice work/study area :)
(photo taken by Charito Tan)
Right across the couch is our work/study area. I'm actually typing this post on the very table in the photo! The shelf is a nice new home for my books. This is actually something that I specifically requested from Pauline when she was fixing up the place. Being a bookworm, the month I spent away from my books was one of the darkest periods of my adult life! So I'm glad everything's back to normal. :)
Bedroom. Pull-out's mine :)
Our bedroom is painted a nice shade of green. Pauline had a bed made with a pull-out for me. She shares her bed with her sister, who also lives with us. We actually had a long discussion about what kind of bed to get. A double-decker would have given us more space, but it's too reminiscent of college so we decided against it. Although we both enjoyed college, we didn't like living in not-so-nice dormitories. We didn't want to go back there; we're grown women, and we have more options now than we ever did.
My favorite part of the house - our wine corner!
Pauline and I have been friends since high school, and suffice it to say we've been through a lot together. Our taste in liquor has evolved together; we both graduated from beer to cocktails to wine. We ended up loving the stuff so much that the first thing we bought from True Value is a six-bottle wine rack, which we always try to keep filled. The wine glasses have been with me since last year. We also try to keep different kinds of cheese in the condo (our favorites being one year-old Reypenaer, brie, Manchego, and Pecorino) so we'll always have a spread ready, in case we have surprise guests.
View from the top
(photo taken by Charito Tan)
The second best part about our apartment is the balcony. It's a good thing I'm not afraid of heights, because we're so high up it's actually hard to get cell reception. But that's a good thing sometimes, because as a writer, I need serene spaces like this. Our view is not the best there is, but it's not half bad. Sometimes I'd pull a chair out, and with my fountain pen and my trusty Moleskine, I'd write until my hand begs me to stop.
I like it in the morning, with coffee. 
It sucks to be tossed out on your rear, yes, but in a way, it was a good push, and it may have been just what I needed even if I didn't realize it at the time. Things are much, much better for me now. I live in a place where I don't have to walk on eggshells all the time; I'm finally comfortable. Independence is a bit expensive, but it's definitely worth the price. :)


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