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It's week two of my Guadalupe ukay-ukay series. I previously talked about how my daily commute led me to ukay-ukay shops. I lived in Makati for a couple of years, during which time I worked in SMX Convention Center. So on the way home, I always passed by several treasure coves of pre-loved finds.

I don't always buy something, but when I have the time, I still try to go through the racks in case there's something there for me. The shop I'm pointing to in this post is called Ulbano's. I haven't bought a single piece of clothing from there! But I did bring my friend Abi there once, and she left the place with a huge bag of clothing!

The circle marks the spot.
(image from Google Maps)
I hope you find it.
(photo from Google Maps)
They also sell designer bags in this shop. I'm not really into those; I can't tell the difference between the real thing and a really good fake, so I can't vouch for the store. It's quite big so it could get overwhelming on your first trip. The shop is located along EDSA. If you plan to take the MRT, just get off at Guadalupe Station. Walk towards 7-Eleven, and you'll find the store right beside it.

Happy shopping! :)


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