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This is week three of my Guadalupe ukay-ukay series! There are actually four stores I used to go to often, and this third one is where I scored my awesome blazer that makes any outfit respectable enough to go to work in, and my vintage blue top. But the thing is, I actually don't like going to this shop because it's really cramped, and there's hardly enough air to breathe.

I hope you find it
(image from Google Maps)
If you have asthma or any kind of respiratory disorder, then I really don't recommend that you go to this store. But if you simply have to check it out, bring your inhaler. Or a mask. Or an oxygen tank, even. It's a 20sqm room with no ventilation whatsoever, so no, it's not exactly the safest place on earth, especially when you factor in the pre-loved odor of the clothing they sell.
Satellite photo
(photo from Google Maps)
The shop is located in Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City. From the Guadalupe MRT Station, walk towards Hotel Sogo along EDSA. In the building next to it, there's a narrow passageway that leads to the street parallel EDSA. Before you reach the other end of the passageway, you'll find the store. I'm sorry I can't quite remember the name of the building, but it's sandwiched between Hotel Sogo and Parc Haus Suites.

Happy shopping! :)


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