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Alas, we come to the last of my four-part Guadalupe ukay-ukay series. This place is a lesser-known ukay paradise, and I encourage everyone to explore! To me, Guadalupe is at par with places like Baguio, Dumaguete, and even Cubao, so I assure you that going there is worth the hassle of commuting.

I went through all of my Ukay Monday posts, and I suddenly realized that I haven't written about the clothes I got from this shop just yet. I must have bought about three or four items from there already, but to be quite honest, I can't remember what they are! Haha!

I hope you find it
(image from Google Maps)
And there it is.
(photo from Google Maps)
It's a huge shop, but I appreciate that it's very organized. Clothes are properly clustered according to type - dresses, tops (which are further classified based on sleeves), skirts, and pants, so it's still quite easy to shop even if there's so many racks to go through. 

The shop is located in Kingston Plaza (in the map, it's called Midtown Plaza). Take the MRT (EDSA) and get off at Guadalupe Station. At the back of Guadalupe Commercial Complex, which is the building with McDonald's, you'll see the two-storey Kingston Plaza. It's the building with Mang Inasal and South Star Drug. You'll find the store at the lower ground level. 

Happy shopping! :)


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