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Nothing beats the classics. And for me, there is nothing more classic (and classier!) than a crisp white shirt paired with a pair of nice-fitting jeans and of course, high heels. I have four of those, two of which I got from ukay-ukay, and the other two I bought from SM and from Plains and Prints, on sale, of course. And if I find another one in my size on my next ukay-ukay shopping spree, then nothing will keep me from buying it!

My most recent white shirt acquisition is from Baguio, and I paid Php100 for this G2000 top:

The perfect white shirt
(photo by Charito Tan)
I scoured three whole floors of ukay-ukay space to find this beauty. I got tons of compliments from friends and colleagues when I wore this shirt. One of them even said that I looked like the pampered wife of a corrupt town mayor, while another said that the shirt reminded him of Audrey Hepburn in the 1953 romantic comedy Roman Holiday. Goodie! :)


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