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I devoted a lot of time composing my Pre-27 Bucket List last year. It's only April, but I'm already feeling a bit pressured about the December deadline. 2013 has been nothing short of amazing thus far, and I think that's the reason why time just seems to go by faster. I just need to focus on my goals a little more.

At this point, I've crossed out the following items already:

2. Watch 27 new movies.
3. Try 27 new kinds of wine.
9. Sing at a gig. (It's not my gig, but it was a gig, and I jammed with the performing group.)
10. Finish the short film adaptation of Smitten (shoot's done, we're in post-prod already!)
24. Run 10K.
26. Ask someone out.

(photo from the internet)
When I reviewed my list to cross out my latest achievement, I decided to edit three items:

4. Complete Simbang Gabi at the Church of the Gesu.

I realized that this isn't something I really want to do. I've always had doubts about Catholicism, and about Christianity in general, and when I watched Zeitgeist, I felt that my doubts were validated. For the record, I still believe in a greater power, but I've already decided to take a different path in terms of my spirituality.

20. Go to Dapitan.
22. Go back to Dumaguete and Siquijor.

These two items are actually related. To get to Dapitan, I could take a ferry from Dumaguete City. I've decided against these two items because I learned that the Marine Sanctuary in Apo Island is still not open to the public. It's one of the things I missed when I went there last summer, so I figured I should postpone my trip for when I could actually go there for a dive. Besides, a friend of mine is getting married in Cebu next year, so I guess I could cover more ground when I go on vacation in the summer of 2014.

In place of these three, I've decided on these new goals:

*Get your second tattoo.

I wrote about this already, but I didn't really put a deadline to it, so I figured I'll make sure I get it done within the year. It took me years to get my first tattoo; I don't want to wait too long for the next. After all, this second one is an ode to my beautiful mother.

*Get a perm.

I attended the Magnum VIP Party last February, and the stylist curled my hair. I posted a photo on Facebook, and it got a lot of positive feedback. So I guess it might be good for me to try that new look. This will have to wait until later into the year, though, because I need to grow my hair out a bit more. I'm going to spend good money on this, so I want to be able to make the most of it. I hope I'm able to score an online coupon with a generous discount!

*Quit smoking. 

This is embarrassing because I've already written thrice about quitting smoking. I really thought I was going to succeed the last time, but I fell back into the habit when I got super stressed with a start-up project I got involved in. But I'm going to try again soon, and hopefully, I'll succeed before my birthday.

Wish me luck! :)


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