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I lived in Makati when I was younger. My mother worked for PLDT at the time, and her office building is directly across the Makati Shangri-La. There was never an occasion or a need for us to go there, though, so it was only recently that I actually got to even set foot in the hotel.

Christmas 2012
First was in December 2011, when I attended the small Christmas party of the executive assistants of our company's board of directors. We had a fabulous lunch in Circles. The next one was in December 2012, for the same reason. I'm willing to bet we'll have the same party again this year.

It's one thing to eat in one of the hotel outlets and another to actually stay there. But a couple of months back, I finally had the chance to sleep in one of the rooms in this building that I always looked at as a child. A friend of mine had a room for two, and I got invited to sleep over, and of course, to enjoy buffet breakfast.
This isn't my first time to stay in a hotel, so I did here what I would always do: I jumped on the bed for a minute. Yes, I'm crazy like that! It started with my first business trip in Thailand, and I've been doing it ever since. Jumping up and down on a bed makes me feel young and happy, and Makati Shangri-La has the perfect bed for it!
Our room had an amazing view of Glorietta, both by day and night. My mother's PLDT office didn't really have a view, and neither did my former office in Buendia, so this was quite new to me. It was almost like seeing the city for the first time. Well, from that angle, it really was my first time.
Food is love
The highlight of my stay, however, was breakfast buffet. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so I helped myself to a lot of bacon, pancakes, and cereals, plus some veggies and fish. I needed a lot of energy because I had a long day ahead of me - I had a business meeting (on a Saturday, boo me!), followed by a nice moonlit picnic at the Manila Polo Club.

Life is good. Nay, it's amazing.


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