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One of my stops during my week-long Dumaguete adventure was Sipalay Beach. It's technically not in Dumaguete anymore, but it's still in Negros Island. I stayed there overnight with my friend Hannah's family, and I bumped into Rocky, one of my college dorm-mates. I actually wrote about going there already (click here to read the old post), but that one didn't have any pictures.

Seclusion, serenity
(photo borrowed from Rocky's Facebook page)
I admit, I was still a bad tourist at that time. Luckily for me, though, Rocky took some photos that I could share here. Four hours away from Dumaguete City by land, Sipalay Beach is the most secluded beach I've been to so far, and I loved every minute I was there. There weren't a lot of people, so I had moving space. And serenity, of course.
Ate Isay and Rocky!
(photo borrowed from Rocky's Facebook page)
The waters were crystal clear, the sand powdery-white. This is a great place for people who aren't particularly good at swimming because the waters aren't too deep. It's also a nice spot for skimboarding, which is a tad more difficult than it looks.
The best part about my stay was the sunset. It was just divine. Where I live in the city, I don't really have a nice view of the sunset. I used to have that when I worked for SMX; I could watch the Manila Bay sunset every single day. I missed it, and the sunset in Sipalay reminded me of those days.

Sometimes I feel a really strong desire to pack by bags and escape to Sipalay Beach. One of these days, I just might.

Come with? =)


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