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My ex-boyfriend Marvie and I were mallrats, and our go-to mall was Market! Market! in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. It's very near where we lived, so it's convenient for us to go there (we could also easily walk over to Serendra and Bonifacio High Street when the sun starts to set). I like that the tiangge is integrated into the mall, because it just gives one more shopping options.

On one random Saturday, we went to the mall, and there was not a single good movie. The cinemas are on the fifth level, and so is a wall-climbing facility. So since there was nothing to watch, we just randomly decided to try wall-climbing. Even if we were both just wearing slippers, we still had fun!

The wall
(photo from the internet)
Of course we only tried to beginner course since it was our first time. But even if it was supposed to be the 'easy' wall, I still felt the burn because of the combined resistance of my body weight and gravity. My arms and legs were sore for a brief period after the climb because I forgot to stretch.

And what I love about wall-climbing is that it doesn't just work out your body, it works out your mind, as well. You actually have to strategize to get to the top; you cannot just randomly select which rocks to reach for. It requires concentration, too; one false move could really hurt you.

If you haven't tried it, I suggest you give it a go. I don't know a lot of wall-climbing places in the city, so I can only recommend the one in Market! Market! By the way, if you are going to give it a go, don't forget to wear rubbershoes. Haha!


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