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A few weeks back, my friend Karlo and his lovely cousin Clarissa went to my condo to have a few drinks. Well, not a few. I had five beers, while the cousins finished half a bottle of Jack Daniel's with Coke. We ordered pizza, and instead of beer nuts, we had roasted almonds. It's a very small, chill party, and I had an awesome time.

Clarissa is the polar opposite of Karlo. She's so much fun to be with! She told me about Dance Dares from The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The rule is that you dance behind a random person. You suddenly stop when the person turns around and you pretend like nothing happened.

It sounds crazy to some people, but to people like me and Clarissa, that sounds like fun! She said it's the perfect stress-buster, and I agree with her.

I actually tried it already! I know this is geeky, but I actually put Dance Dare on my To Do List, under the label IF YOU GET STRESSED. On a particularly stressful day in the office, I stood behind Justine, who was so engrossed with his work. I did Gangnam Style for about ten seconds or so, and he didn't even turn around!
Oh yes, she did!
(photo from the internet)
My other cube-mate, Shaine, saw the whole thing, and together we laughed like hyenas in the office, and it definitely lightened our moods for the rest of the day! I have yet to muster the courage to do this to a complete stranger in public. Clarissa told me she did it in Greenbelt, and the person she followed didn't even turn around. Apparently, that makes you Dance Dare God!

Maybe I'll try that when I'm drunk enough in a public place, and no, Cyrano doesn't count because I know everyone there. I'll try to have one of my friends take a video of it so I can send it to Ellen!


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