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Last November, my storybook stepmother (yes, she's as evil as Cinderella's or Snow White's stepmother) kicked me out of her house in the middle of the night. While I didn't mind leaving that place for good, I was really worried about my books. Yes, I know I should get my priorities straight - I was homeless and I was most worried about my books - but I just couldn't help it! I'm not into gadgets or jewelry, so my books are my most prized possessions.

We've been evicted! Sniffles
My books and I stayed with my Aunt Ruth in Malabon for a while. But because I couldn't survive the daily commute to my Pasig office, I had to rent a room in Pasig for a month. Since I had limited space, I couldn't bring my beloved books, and that was really depressing for me. So when Pauline and I talked about getting a place in Eastwood, the one thing I asked of her was to give me space for my books. And because she is an awesome friend as she is an awesome architect, she made my wish come true.
She had a really nice shelf made for the unit. It's way better than my old El Cheapo shelf, and I love it! Unlike my old shelf, my books can actually breathe (not that they actually do). And I absolutely love that there's still enough room for another Book Sale shopping spree! Pauline has yet to bring her books, and I'm excited about that because that means more reading material for me, as well!
Bookshelf porn
My collection may be small, but it's quite diverse. The ones displayed here are my leisure reading books. All my favorite titles, a.k.a. The Milan Kunderas, are at the top level, of course. The other levels are grouped solely on the basis of size because I'm OC like that. My educational and self-help titles are not in this shelf; they're stashed someplace else in the condo.

Thank you, Pauline, for granting my wish! You're the fairy godmother in my Cinderella story! :)


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