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I'm usually the type who would prioritize reading books that aren't required for school over the ones that are. Being a crammer, I would put off studying because I needed time for my novels, most of which were not in the syllabus. Among the few required readings that I liked were Elie Wiesel's Night, Antoine de Saint-Exupery's The Little Prince, and Edith Hamilton's Mythology.

My brother was in the seventh grade when he first read the book, and although I was just in the second grade at the time, I would borrow his copy and quietly read it at home. Everything in it was incredibly fascinating, and I resented the idea that I had to wait five more years to study it in school.

And because we moved to Bulacan the summer before the third grade, I had to wait a total of eight years for Mythology. I forgot about it for a while, but when Mrs. Menchi Cruz, my English teacher in senior year, told us we had to get a copy of it, I was absolutely ecstatic. I tried to look for my brother's copy, but he lost it, so I had to buy one for myself. I've had it ever since.

Not a lot of kids from my batch thoroughly appreciated mythology like I did; the only other person I can think of who shared this passion is my good friend and roommate, Pauline. If my memory serves me right, this is one of the things we bonded over back then. I guess it's because like me, her head was in the clouds throughout most of our senior year.

To this day, I think the book is still required reading for schools, and for good reason. It stirs one's imagination through stories of friendship, love, revenge, and redemption enveloped in magic. I think that this is one of the books that first planted the writing seed in me.

If you haven't read Edith Hamilton's Mythology yet, I beg you now to please do. If you're a parent, I strongly suggest that you read this to/with your child. Everyone could use a little magic in their lives, and this is definitely better than your average storybook.


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