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I've been an advocate of digital music since my college days. Back then, I relied solely on my computer, which didn't even have iTunes! I used the good old Windows Media Player, and in four years, I amassed close to 10GB of music. A guy friend back then commented that my music collection matched his porn collection in terms of size. Haha!

Thank you, Kuya!
When my brother gave me my first iPod, a second-hand first-generation Nano, I couldn't be happier! But since I only had 4GB of space, I had to trim down my considerable collection. I spent an entire day sorting out my music to determine which ones deserved space in my new (old) toy. But the Universe is kind. Apple recalled all first-gen iPod Nanos and replaced them with a brand new sixth gen. And the best part is its 8GB capacity! That means more music!
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So when I was breaking in my new iPod Nano, I spent an entire day re-working my playlists. I still have a lot of MP3s, but being the OC person that I am, I couldn't just stash everything here.  I have a playlist for classic rock, which is different from 90s rock. Then there's Pinoy rock, jazz and soul, bossa nova, blues, running music, and my current fixation, classical. I also have a collection of my original music stored here - how vain is that?

But there is that one playlist that rules them all, and it's a reflection of my taste in music, which, like my taste in literature, is quite diverse. I call it 'Absolutes', and it's my version of Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. It's a 80-song list that encompasses all the genres I listen to, and when you listen to it in shuffle, you might think it's the playlist of at least five different people. It has everything from Led Zeppelin to Metallica, Lisa Ono to Sarah Vaughan, Vampire Weekend to We Are Scientists, LCD Soundsystem to The XX, Mr. Big to Adele.

I'm sure everyone has that go-to playlist, the one that you tap on when you're not really sure what you want to hear. But because it's your mix, everything you hear is good.


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