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I have the biggest crush on actor Hal Ozsan. I guess I just have a weakness for bad boys, haha! He's not really had lots of memorable work on film or television, but he really made an impression on me when he guest-starred in an episode of Suits. And I totally flipped out when I saw him again in an episode of White Collar. That was the push I needed to Google him.

Hal in the middle
(photo from the internet)
The results were surprising. I learned that he was not only an actor, he was actually the lead vocalist of a band called Poets and Pornstars. The band is the reason why he couldn't take on a lot of acting projects. So being extremely curious, I downloaded their self-titled debut album and listened over a couple of beers.
Nice cover art
(image from the internet)
And what do you know? It's exactly my kind of music. It's a light variety of rock and roll, with distinct influences from the period music of the late 80s to the early 90s. Strange and Earthman are my two favorite tracks. I was blown away by Hal's vocals. I absolutely adore his beautiful, angular face and sexy, curly hair, but after hearing him sing, I just dropped my panties. There really is something about rockstars that makes them so appealing to women. Haha!


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