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I did it. I actually effin' did it.

I never thought I could. I never thought I would. But thanks to four bottles of San Miguel Lemon Alcopop, two pushy boys disguised as grown-up men, and a PR-savvy vocalist, I took over the microphone at The Balcony Gastropub in Palanca St., Makati City to sing Skid Row's I Remember You.

And this is where it all happened.
(photo from the internet)
Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I'd actually be able to sing it. In a bar. With a band. With an audience of real, live people. That song is something I've been dreaming of covering since I first heard it. I didn't think I ever could, so I put it on the list of things I'd like to learn to play on bass, and that's about it.

But the Universe had other plans.

It was a day like any other. I went to work in the morning, and in the evening I had dinner with one of the Selecta bosses (Tita Chit, if you're reading this, thank you and I love you!), during which I met a potential client for my freelance writing practice. But when I went to Makati for a few drinks with my friends Jerry and AR, the remainder of the day stopped being average.

Luis is the vocalist of the band performing at Balcony, and on their break from the first set, he went from table to table to ask if there were people who'd like to jam with them. When he got to where we were seated, the two boys I was with sold me out like a couple of pimps dealing a fresh piece of meat.

I was outnumbered, so I had to yield. Luis and I talked about what I could possibly sing with them. His band played really good rock music, so I knew that my bossa nova repertoire wouldn't cut it. We couldn't think of anything yet, so he just told me he'd call on me later and then we'll figure it out when we're there. And when he moved to the next table, it hit me, it being the alcohol. I turned around and told Luis that I will sing Skid Row's I Remember You. He agreed.
Not sure if I nailed the song, but I definitely nailed the hair that night.
(photo from the internet)
Being the big chicken that I was, though, I instantly regretted the song choice. So when I faced Jerry and AR again, I begged them to get the bill so we could leave. But the two were pretty adamant in getting me to sing, so we stayed. And a while later, I heard my name. It was Luis, calling me to take the microphone.

With a bottle of liquid confidence in hand, I slowly walked from our al fresco table to where the band was inside the pub. Luis was kind enough to offer to download the lyrics for me, and while he was doing that, the band played Eternal Flame and I tried to sing along. But I didn't finish the song, because I needed whatever vocal power I had left for the big thing.

I was so scared, I almost wet my pants. It's a difficult song to sing. Nino Alejandro can do an awesome cover, but that guy is a seasoned performer and I was not (well, not anymore). Besides, I do not know of any girl (other than Carrie Underwood) who actually pulled it off. But the alcohol already had the better of me, so I stopped trying to over-analyze things and I just started to sing.

The audience gave me a warm, soothing applause, and then I went for it. I let go and sang like I always do in the shower, with the kind of reckless abandon of a rockstar onstage and/or on drugs. Luis had to help me out on the super high notes, but for the most part, I managed to belt it out. I mean, I think I did, but I can't really say for sure because I wasn't able to hear much of it.

When it was over, I walked back to our table amidst loud clapping and cheering, and I felt like I was an American Idol hopeful who just made it to effin' Hollywood. With the rock edge, of course. I finished half a bottle of beer in one big gulp in the hopes of drowning out my embarrassment. I'm really critical of my own singing. My friends said it was good, but I couldn't take their word for it because the whole time I was singing, they were quite busy talking. Such pimps. Haha!

After their second set, Luis approached our table again to commend me for what I did. He said, and I quote, "Astig ka! Ikaw pa lang ang babaeng nag-jam nung kantang yon kasama namin!" (You're awesome! You're the only woman who ever jammed that song with us!). So yeah, I finally felt relieved. More than relieved, I felt accomplished. I sang effin' Skid Row. That's another item off my Pre-27 Bucket List*! Woohoo!

So I guess the moral of the story is sometimes, all you need is a pimp. And that night, I got two. Two people who believed in me enough (or perhaps just drunk enough?) that I didn't have a choice but to believe in me, as well. Cheesy, I know. But a dream of mine did come true that evening because they gave me the big push, so indulge me.

Cheers to great music and awesome friends!

*Item #9 - Sing at a gig. While I realize that it wasn't my gig, it was still a gig, and I joined the band onstage, so I think this counts. Besides, I didn't just sing a song, I sang the song! Haha!


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