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I think that this is one of the most powerful words in the English language, matched only by the opposing no. Last December, when I was still getting my life back on track after getting kicked out of my storybook stepmother's house, I made a vow that I will say yes to more opportunities to make the most of my youth. I'm happy to note that I've been able to keep that promise so far.

On a random Wednesday evening, I walked into Cyrano with my friend Jerry. We had coffee in Greenbelt, and so I bugged him to go the wine shop with me. Nino was playing Skid Row's I Remember You when we got there, and of course I started singing along. Jerry asked me how I knew the song, and I simply answered that I am a rockstar. In a parallel universe, I know I am. Haha!

Anyway, it was on that evening that Alex offered me a side job. He asked if I'd be interested in the position of Managing Editor for a magazine that he and his friends are launching late this year. I knew of the project; I was actually already a part of it as a freelance writer. So he sort of rescinded that offer and gave me a new one.

Male version of me
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I said yes. Without thinking. Without really knowing what I was getting myself into. Without considering if I'll be able to balance it with my day job. Without discussing compensation. I said yes. It's not my first blind decision, but it's definitely not my worst. It's actually among my best, I have to say. This was an opportunity that I just couldn't pass up.

While we were walking home, I told Jerry about Alex's offer, and that I already said yes. He said that he envies the capacity of creative people to engage in random projects. For starters, he's a logical (numbers) guy. He said that he can't just randomly walk up to people and offer financial advice, whereas creative people can offer services such as writing, singing, whatever.

But I think that it's not about creativity, rather, about the capacity to temporarily disregard logic and just go with the flow. For me, that's what differentiates the so-called creative folk from the rest. I think believe everyone is creative in one way or another, but some just give themselves more permission than others.
And don't you forget it.
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Permission to be silly. To have fun. To dream. To be turned down. To let go. To do something stupid. To fall flat on their faces. To understand that not everything can be controlled. To try something different. To be embarrassed. To be crazy. To be random. To make mistakes, and learn from them, of course.
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So go ahead and give yourself permission. Believe me, the risks always pay off. Maybe not always in the ways you want them to, but always in the way that's best for you in the long run.


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