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Because of ukay-ukay shopping, I've grown to like patterned clothing. For the longest time, my clothing choices have been safe, so it's only recently that I'm learning to go beyond my usual plains. I'm no Diane von Furstenberg. I can't mix and match patterns without the risk of tackiness, so I usually pair my prints with plains.

This skirt is actually one of my first few acquisitions, so it's still somewhat neutral because of the safe colors. But what I like about it is, when I pair it with a form-fitting black top, the whole outfit looks like a nice dress.

It's made of satin, so the weight of the fabric keeps it from getting blown up by the wind. It's actually ideal for cool days, because it can keep you warm. I made the mistake of wearing this on a warm day; my legs got kind of sweaty and I felt rather uncomfortable.

I bought this from Cubao for a mere Php85. It was actually on sale for Php100, but I convinced the sales lady to give me a nice discount because it was my first time there.


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