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I am fully aware that I live in a tropical country, which is why I almost always opt for clothes that are light and breezy. But since my body is more adjusted to warm weather, I easily get cold when I go to the office. That, and my cube is in the path of the air conditioner, so I do need to have a few pieces that would incubate me during the eight hours I'm glued to my chair.

Some months back, when I still lived in the home of my storybook stepmother, I went to Mercury Drug in Masinag, Antipolo to buy medication for my father. On the way home, I saw an ukay-ukay shop, and since I wasn't really in a hurry, I walked in. I looked through racks and racks of clothing until I found something I could use.

Not too shabby
Well, that should make it more comfortable.
I may not be a sucker for brands, but it sure does feel good to find an original Fendi knit top and only pay a measly Php40 for it! Unlike most of my finds, this is actually quite heavy and I can only wear it when I'm already in the office. If I tried to commute in this, especially in the summer, there's a 70% chance that I might faint.

The shop is located along Marcos Highway in Antipolo City. When you reach the intersection between Sumulong Highway and Marcos Highway, look for the only Mercury Drug on the side that leads to Cogeo, and you'll find the store near there. Another landmark is the McDonald's across Marcos Highway.


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