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I don't ever buy shoes from the ukay-ukay for hygiene reasons. Clothes are fine because you can wash them in warm water to get all the dirt out. You can't exactly do that with shoes. However, when I went ukay-ukay shopping in Baguio, my friend Ana picked out a really nice pair that was just my size. At a mere Php300, these sandals are definitely a good buy.

I've got the blues
They're very comfortable to wear, perhaps because the previous owner already broke it in! Haha! I would never spend more than Php1,000 on a pair that isn't black, camel, or nude, mainly because those three colors go well with most of my existing wardrobe. Blue might not be the most versatile color for footwear, but for its price, I'm sure you'll agree that I just had to get them! :)


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